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Technology and Innovation to
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"When consumers purchase a Toyota, they are not simply purchasing a car, truck or van. They are placing their trust in our company." as quoted by Akio Toyoda, the great grandson of the father of the Japanese industrial revolution and the current president of Toyota Motor Corporation. We carry the same basic principle into the culture of Astrido company, as we believe that a good teamwork begins by building trust and respect, thus becoming one of the most important keys for our success to date. We apply the approach entirely onto three foundations that we consider the most important, namely our partners, our customers and our human resources. With that principle in mind, we are moving forward together to overcome every challenge and provide the best future possible.

Established in 1974, Astrido has served more than 45 years as one of the leaders in the automotive business specifically Toyota, Daihatsu, and Isuzu. These developments can be seen from our outlets spread across Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Cikarang, Karawang, and Bali. Currently, we have 18 authorized Toyota outlets, 8 authorized Daihatsu outlets, and 5 authorized Isuzu outlets that meet international standards and are equipped with supporting modern facilities.

Astrido Group also provides vehicle ownership financing company called Astrido Finance in order to support customers who wish to purchase new cars. As an independent financing company, therefore, the company has a flexibility to finance all car brands in Indonesian market.

What We See
in Next 10 Years


  • To be the preferred automotive dealership in Indonesia.


  • Aims to continuously implement the best quality services and products for our customers.

  • Continuously look for opportunities to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Our professionals are committed to providing timely and appropriate services to our customers.

  • Always provides necessary guidance and training for our employees so they become highly competent professionals in order to better serve the customers.

  • To treat everyone equally as our priority customers.

  • To have professional human resources by creating a positive teamwork and a fun working environment.

  • Provides SMILE to all the stakeholders.

We keep moving forward,
but our working culture always
stays the same that is “SMILE”
which stands for:


Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal


Provides our customers with sincere and meaningful service.


Consistently delivering prime and impressive service.


Leading in sales and service through professionalism.


Creates harmonious working environment and excellent teamwork.


We belong to the generation that came of age
with the classic Toyota car, the generation
that experienced the transitions from the
industrial / machinery era to the digital era,
the generation that belongs to the innovation
and believes that we must improve ourselves
and adapt to modern world.

What We Believe

We believe that the key to our success is in the satisfaction of our customers, therefore we always strive to provide better customer experience in whatever we do.

We realize that it is very important for us to create a strong culture and the best working environment for the development of the company. It’s not enough to simply make good decisions; we need to make good decisions effectively. Hence, every decision we make should move us closer to our long-term goal.

We always move forward with confidence and pride knowing that every decision is made based on a clear understanding and a strong belief in what we do and we couple this belief with sound financial and operational planning. We expect to achieve a fair and reasonable profit to ensure the prosperity of the company, and to offer long-term benefits to our customers, employees, owners, and shareholders.



Appointed as an authorized
dealer for Toyota named
Astrido Toyota in Jakarta and
its surrounding areas.


Established a manufacturing plant,
producing some of the highly
demanded cars of its time, namely
Toyota Kijang Rover, Rover-Ace,
Levin, Road-Master, Hi-Ace
minibuses, and Daihatsu Ranger.


Appointed as an authorized dealer
for Daihatsu named Astrido
Daihatsu in Jakarta and its
surrounding areas.


Established an automotive
financing company under the
name of Astrido Finance.


Astrido Daihatsu achieved a
national award for the category of
The Best Customer Relation Award.


Astrido Toyota received 3 national
awards at the same time for The Best
General Repair Technician, The Best
Service Advisor, and The Best Parts-
man for aftersales categories.


Astrido Toyota opened its
18th branch in Bitung
area with contemporary
interior design.


Importer and retailer of new
and used various car brands.


Appointed as an authorized dealer for
Isuzu named Astrido Isuzu in Jakarta
and its surrounding areas.


Astrido Toyota won a national
award for The Best Toyota
Showroom Management.


Astrido Toyota achieved
national awards for The Best
Customer Satisfaction
Award and The Best
Customer Satisfaction
Improvement categories.


Astrido Toyota opened its 14th & 15th
branch in Karawaci & Pondok Cabe areas,
employing comfortable modern facilities.


Astrido Toyota received
national award for Best
Branch Manager category.


Astrido received prestigious Top Brand Award
2019 for car dealer category. The award is
dedicated to Indonesia’s top brands based on
a survey of 12,000 customers in Indonesia
conducted by Frontier Consulting Group &
Marketing magazine.


Astrido Toyota received 4 National Awards for The Best Sales Supervisor, The Best Salesperson, Toyota National Best Innovation and Kaizen Leader categories.
Astrido receiving prestigious Top Brand Award 2020 for second time from Frontier Consulting Group & Marketing Magazine.


To support the achievement of our company's Vision and to give “The Best Customer Experience”, Astrido continues to develop many branches to make it easier for our customers to reach.

We always prioritize quality in all products and services we provide, starting from vehicles, spare parts and services. We hope to build reliability, trust, and friendships through honesty and integrity to ensure healthy long-term relations.

We are honored to be supported by dedicated human resources who have successfully helped us in creating reliable services only to satisfy the needs of our loyal customers. We seek to inspire loyalty to our company by treating all our employees with respect, recognition, and understanding.

ASTRIDO is proud to partner with corporations that share the same commitment and working towards the same goal. We are grateful for every partnership, we set the bar high and we always strive for it. Our goal is always to establish and maintain wonderful relationships and networks.